seeking our inaugural host partner

Ethno USA

Ethno USA is seeking a site for a rental-based partnership to host the inaugural Ethno USA. Burgeoning musicians from across the U.S. and world will gather in late summer or early fall 2020 at a camp site, retreat center, learning campus, or other location in the Midwest or Upper Appalachia.

Beyond the rental fee agreement, Ethno USA will seek to serve as an authentically engaged partner, enhancing and learning from our host community. Potential engagement activities could include workshops with our global musicians, free or reduced cost concerts, cultural engagement, jam sessions, and more.

Time: 7-9 days beginning on a Thursday or Friday in August, early September, or October 2020, excluding September 20-30

Location: Midwest or Upper Appalachia (North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan – Upper Peninsula, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, or North Carolina. Our ideal partner is less than a 4-hour drive from one of these metro areas: Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Tulsa, Cincinnati, but we are open to proposals from all sites; most important will be the quality of the site and spirit of the partnership.

Site needs:

  • Lodging for 45-50 individuals (30-35 musicians, 5-15 facilitators and staff)
    • Could include indoor rooms, shared cabins, dormitories and/or other options in various configurations
  • Dining facility which can be self-operated and/or site providing of daily meals accommodating diverse dietary needs and lifestyles (vegetarian, vegan, etc)
  • 1-3 acoustics-friendly spaces capable of hosting small groups participants, including electrical outlets
  • 1 acoustics-friendly large space capable of hosting all participants, including electrical outlets
  • Ideally, recreational and/or outdoor activities contained within the site, or nearby
  • Ideally, an indoor or outdoor space capable of hosting a small performance for 50-150 patrons contained within the site, or nearby

Timeline: FAI and JMI have set a firm goal of March 15 to determine the site. Potential sites will be toured in early 2020 before a decision is made. Applications considered on a rolling basis beginning in November 2019.

To engage in a conversation, reach out to If useful, consider sending a brief summary, potential prices, or other relevant materials.

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A partnership of Folk Alliance International and membership organization Jeunesses Musicales Interational, Ethno is focused on preservation of cultural heritage, fostering intercultural dialogue, and pioneering a signature peer-to-peer, inclusive, egalitarian method of learning about music and culture.